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WorkoutQC is an exclusive gym for area residents to come and work out in a private space free from distractions.

We aim to make your experience the best there is when getting your workout done, so that you can exercise and then get back to your life.

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3127 Brady Street, Suite 4
Davenport, IA 52803

What is a private gym?

After the recent pandemic, people are more and more looking for a less-crowded option to get their workout and training done. Many people have experienced lockdowns and a desire for social distancing, and they are finding it harder to get distancing at a large gym.

For many people the only option left is to train at home. But not everyone has space for a gym in their own home, especially with all the equipment owning a gym requires.

That’s why using a private gym in Davenport like WorkoutQC is your best option! With 24-hour access for all our members, you can workout any time of the day – before work, after work, even during your lunch hour.

Commercial gyms are located all over and their goal is to pack the place with $10 memberships and then discourage members from really utilizing the facilities. A smaller private gym, on the other hand, is often locally owned and independently operated. We are your locally owned Gym in the Quad Cities.

Advantages of Commercial Gyms

Commercial gyms are available and can be found just about everywhere. You can easily find a commercial gym in Davenport, Iowa to do your workouts. The advantages of a commercial gym include:

  • There are many of them: One is more likely to find a commercial gym close to where he or she lives.
  • More equipment: As they are larger gyms with a profit goal in mind, you are likely to find more facilities for training such as treadmills, bikes, and other cardio machines. These larger gyms often also have a sauna, spa, and children’s space.
  • More classes: Commercial gyms offer different classes at different times, which are meant to help participants accomplish their fitness goals.
  • Cheaper basic membership fee: Commercial gyms offer affordable basic membership fees, which is why they attract many people and get so crowded

Despite the advantages, commercial gyms have their share of negatives. For example, participants have to mingle with many other people, making the place busy and crowded. This increases the risk of catching a virus, especially in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants are also likely to wait for equipment, among other challenges.

Advantages of Private Studio Gyms

Unlike commercial gyms, which can be found wherever you go, private studio gyms are fewer and farther between. But there are some key advantages to joining a private gym.

  • Less crowding: Going to a private boutique studio means you will have to deal with less people using machines and less crowding. Some private gyms specialize in just one thing, like weight loss, while others try to offer everything.
  • More convenience: If you happen to live in the right zip code near a private gym, it can be far more convenient than parking in a huge parking lot to access a larger gym.
  • Specialized coaches: In a private gym in Davenport IA you can find a few specialized coaches who deliver personalized solutions. The coaches in a private gym have extensive experience in helping the participants change their mindsets and habits.
  • Focused results: Training at a private gym means one focuses on getting results and not just going for the sake of being at the gym. There’s less distraction. The workouts are designed to help one get the desired results from weight-loss to muscle-gain.

Best of all, members of a private gym almost never wait for equipment because there are fewer members. While there are some downsides such as limited membership spots, higher membership charges, and fewer training facilities, private gyms are focused and more committed to helping their members.

Why join Workout QC?

If you want to workout in the Quad Cities, we think the best place to do it is right in our small boutique gym. Get 24-hour, convenient access with your membership. Learn how to access the gym.

WorkOUT is a QC-based gym focused on modern workout. From our inception in 2022, we have been serving the Quad Cities area with a smile.


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