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» Safety

Gym safety is everyone’s responsibility, so please observe all our safety rules and regulations.

  1. Have a spotter.
    Do not work out alone for your safety. It’s important to have a spotter when during many kinds of workouts in case of injury. This is especially important if you are not physically fit, but accidents can happen to fit individuals just as easily!
  2. Do not let strangers into the facility.
    Only members and their invited guests are welcome into our facility. If someone tells you they forgot their access code, respectfully tell them you are not allowed to let them in according to the rules of the gym.
  3. Keep well hydrated.
    It’s important to drink plenty of hydrating fluids while working out. Gatorade and water are recommended. Note that other fluids, such as alcohol or soda, can actually dehydrate you and make working out more risky.
  4. Form matters.
    Doing a workout in the wrong position and wrong form is dangerous. Some positions can cause serious pain and injury. You don’t want to pull your back out while working out.
  5. Use a towel.
    We provide towels and a washing machine at our facility (for the towels) so please wipe down equipment after using it to help reduce the spread of germs. In addition we ask you to be a good gym member and spray the equipment you’ve used (including weights) with disinfectant. Your fellow members will thank you.
  6. Warm-Up first.
    You don’t need to stretch for hours before working out, but at the very least you need to help your body prepare for what you’re about to undergo. Stretching your muscles and starting your workout slowly and building up gradually is important for your safety, and your muscles will thank you too.
  7. Only lift weight you can handle.
    There’s no need to show off at our private gym in Davenport. Lifting more than you can will result in injuries that may take a long time to recover. Be safe and strength will come with time and patience.

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